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Haskell is one of the leading languages for teaching functional programming, enabling students to write simpler and cleaner code, and to learn how to structure and reason about programs. Haskell is unique in two ways. First, it is a pure functional programming language. If you have a function and you call it twice in two different places with the same arguments then it will return exactly the same value both times. Second, Haskell provides a very modern type system which incorporates features like typeclasses and generalized algebraic data types. (we hope terms like these will roll smoothly off your tongue by the time you're done.)

A Haskell program consists of a set of function definitions. Literate scripting is an alternative format for the Haskell source files. In files, named with the .lhs extension, all program lines begin with a greater than character. This style places an emphasis on a program description over the program implementation. In Haskell programs, function definitions will span multiple lines & consist of multiple elements.

Haskell is defined as a pure functional and lazy programming language. This program is called lazy because expressions that are not used to describe the solution to a problem are not evaluated. It is the evaluation approach of most commonly used programming languages like C++, C, Java, even ML. In this every expression is calculated, whether the solution is important or not. It is called pure functional, because it does not allow the side effects.

Haskell is a graded general purpose that is purely functional based programming language with secure static typing and non strict semantics. It is based upon the semantics, but not on the syntax of language Miranda, that provided to focus the attempts of the initial Haskell working environment. The features of Haskell language are statically typed: In Haskell each element has a type that is resolved at compile time. All the types should match with the function application, if not match up with function application than compiler reject the program. All the Haskell value has a data type such as char, int, fun etc. Lazy: functions can't calculate their argument that means programs can combine together with the ability to write control statement by writing normal functions. Purely functional: In Haskell every function is a mathematical sense that is pure. In this there are no instructions and statements only expression that cannot mutate variables such as global and local and cannot access the sate like random and time numbers. Concurrent: The Haskell compiler GHC contains high performance simultaneously garbage collector and light weight concurrent library that contains useful concurrent abstraction and primitives.

Haskell is a standardized, general-purpose purely functional programming language, with non-strict semantics and strong static typing. It is named after logician Haskell Curry. In Haskell, "a function is a first-class citizen" of the programming language. As a functional programming language, the primary control construct is the function.

In late 1997, the series culminated in Haskell 98, intended to specify a stable, minimal, portable version of the language and an accompanying standard library for teaching, and as a base for future extensions. The committee expressly welcomed the creation of extensions and variants of Haskell 98 via adding and incorporating experimental features.

In February 1999, the Haskell 98 language standard was originally published as "The Haskell 98 Report". In January 2003, a revised version was published as "Haskell 98 Language and Libraries: The Revised Report". The language continues to evolve rapidly, with the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) implementation representing the current de facto standard.

In early 2006, the process of defining a successor to the Haskell 98 standard, informally named Haskell Prime, was begun. he first revision, named Haskell 2010, was announced in November 2009 and published in July 2010.

Haskell 2010 adds the Foreign Function Interface (FFI) to Haskell, allowing for bindings to other programming languages, fixes some syntax issues (changes in the formal grammar) and bans so-called "n-plus-k-patterns", that is, definitions of the form fact (n+1) = (n+1) * fact n are no longer allowed. It introduces the Language-Pragma-Syntax-Extension which allows for designating a Haskell source as Haskell 2010 or requiring certain Extensions to the Haskell Language.

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