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ADO.NET is conceptually divided into consumers and data providers. The consumers are the applications that is required access to the data and the providers are the software parts that implement the interface and by that means renders the data to the consumer.

Functionality exists in the Visual Studio IDE to create specialized subclasses of the DataSet classes for a specific database outline, permitting convenient access to each field via strongly typed properties. This assists to catch more programming errors at compile-time and attains the IDE's Intellisense feature more beneficial.

The ADO.NET Entity Framework is a sub set of data-access APIs for the Microsoft .NET Framework, similar to the Java Persistence API, targeting the version of ADO.NET that ships with .NET Framework 4.0. ADO.NET Entity Framework is let in with .NET Framework 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010, brought out in April 2010. An Entity Framework Entity is an object which has a fundamental representing the main key of a logical datastore entity. A conceptual Entity Data Model (Entity-relationship model) is represented to a datastore outline model. Using the Entity Data Model, the Entity Framework permits data to be treated as entities inrelyently of their fundamental datastore representations.

Entity SQL, a SQL-like language, offers for querying the Entity Data Model (instead of the fundamental datastore). Similarly, LINQ extension LINQ to Entities renders typed querying on the Entity Data Model. Entity SQL and LINQ to Entities queries are converted internally into a Canonical Query Tree which is then changed over into a query understandable to the fundamental database.

ADO.NET offers coherent accessibility to data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, in addition to the data sources disclosed via XML and OLE DB and . Data sharing user applications can employ ADO.NET to link to these data sources and manipulate, update and retrieve data.

ADO.NET flawlessly agents data access from data manipulation into distinct factors that can be employed in tandem or individually. ADO.NET lets in .NET Framework data providers for connecting to a database, executing commands, and retrieving consequences. Those consequences are either processed directly, or placed in an ADO.NET DataSet object in order to be disclosed to the user in an ad-hoc manner, combined with data from multiple sources, or remoted among tiers. The ADO.NET DataSet object can also be employed inrelyently of a .NET Framework data provider to deal data local to the application or sourced from XML.

The ADO.NET classes are ascertained in System.Data.dll, and are integrated with the XML classes found in System.Xml.dll. When compiling code that employs the System.Data namespace, address both System.Data.dll and System.Xml.dll.

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Like many other .NET technologies, ADO.NET bears some superficial similarities to its predecessor (in this case, ADO). However, ADO.NET also includes some dramatic changes and a few surprising innovations. It has a disconnected programming model tailored for distributed applications and the Web, built-in support for XML serialization, practical data binding, and an extensible set of interfaces that let you create custom data providers.

ADO.NET is designed to provide consistent access to data sources. This is accomplished through ADO.NET data providers that provide methods for connecting to data sources as well as retrieving, manipulating, and updating data in both connected and disconnected environments.

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